Next Meeting

July 10, 2019

Pablo Creek Regional Library

13295 Beach Blvd  at 6:30 pm

Your Current Board of Supervisors:

Paul Raudenbush (Seat 1)     Brad Radloff (Seat 2)    David Touring (Seat 3)     Josh Reichert (Seat 4)     Ken Wright (Seat 5)

Isle of Palms

Do you remember when our canals looked like this?  This is what we are trying to prevent, these are man made canals and need to be maintained.  Please try to imagine what our home values would be today if our canals looked like this.  Silt will continue to fill in, the city will never manage or finance a dredge again, our tax district is the only logical solution to protect our investments and lifestyle. 

On this site we will try to post important information about the tax district to maintain our canals as well as other  information that pertains to the Isle of Palms Community.